Learn to use the Kneader with designer Una Tucker

My online course allows you to learn how to use my Kneader tool at your own speed and in the comfort of your own home.

When I designed the Kneader, I wanted to do two things. First, to make a tool that was multi-functional and could be used for all parts of the body and for all the key moves. Second, I want to make life better for Massage therapists. I wanted to save our thumbs. I wanted to make massage easier. And I wanted to help us make a little more money! That’s why I’m releasing this course on the Kneader Chair massage training. After years of me struggling to book individuals for massage, in my home and in paid for rooms, I’ve developed a routine that can be done in the workplace through clothes. It’s added an entire new revenue steam to my practice. No messy oils, I just need an office space, and get through two clients an hour. Word quickly get around about how good the massage feels, and my appointment slots are selling out quicker and quicker. And by taking the Kneader chair massage training, you’ll be able to benefit too. The Kneader Chair massage training is different from pretty much any other massage course out there. You’ll get clear animated instructions showing you technically how to use the Kneader and the moves. Plus I’ve been recording clips of me in action. You’ll see exactly how I massage with the tool, with tips for variation and also the holds and moves my trainees have shared with me along the way. The Kneader Chair massage training is created with Massage Therapists like you in mind. With this course, you’ll have a step-by-step guide that begins with best practice before you start a massage, then though my exact routine for delivering a fantastic massage, and then some ideas on how to vary the way you use the tool. You can go through the whole thing in one go or you can pick and choose modules as you need them as you become familiar with the routine. You get access to the entire course for a whole year, meaning you can refresh your knowledge until you’re able to do the routine with your eyes close. And as the course is updated, you’ll see that new content straight away.
Learn to use the Kneader
The Kneader designer Una Tucker in a training session