Learn a new way to Massage

Kneader Chair Massage mixes holistic massage moves with acupressure/ trigger points and passive stretching in an award-winning routine.

The Kneader tool can be used over clothes, minimising hand-to-skin contact, whilst helping to take the strain off your hands and wrists.

The Kneader is an award winning-massage tool
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Welcome to the Course

By your course instructor Una Tucker, Founder of Kneads Must Ltd

How the Kneader works

As an experienced Massage Therapist, you'll know how to give a great massage - and also how much effort that takes!

Save your fingers, hands and/or wrists by letting the tool do the hard work for you.

① The upper arch part of the Kneader is mainly used for Effleurage Compressions or Percussions. You can do a soft, slow move or lean in for deeper pressure.

② The side points are good for deeper movements, like Petrissage, Frictions and Pressure Points, all of which help to release tension in tired or strained muscles. Only focus on small areas and for short periods of time.

③ The smaller, bottom arch is good for Effleurage or Petrissage, especially for smaller areas such as the arms or calves and is particularly good for working in between the shoulder blades and the scapular ridges.

Earn CDP Points

The Kneader Chair Massage course is a CPD-approved short course with Thinktree. That means that it has been vetted and approved by them to ensure the quality and professionalism of our learning material. If your massage pratice is in a country that recognises continued learning points, you'll earn CPD points all in the comfort of your own home!

The course is also recognised by top international industry insurers

With more insurers to come!

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What does the course look like?

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Is this the course for you?

This is an advanced course for qualified massage professionals only, so you need to be sure that you fulfill all these criteria before you pay and gain access to our learning platform.

  • You are qualified massage therapist according to the professional regulations in the country you practice

  • You have insurance for your massage practice. (You'll need to check with your insurers regarding using the Kneader tool and/or adding Kneader Chair Massage onto your therapy list)

  • You are happy to study remotely

  • You have two Kneader massage tools (available exclusively from Amazon UK or Kneads Must)

  • You have a computer, tablet or smart phone with internet to internet

A full routine course for just £49.99

Most therapists massage because they love it and Kneads Must shares that passion. We've therefore discounted the course price to just £49.99 to help us all keep learning and massaging. You can purchase the required two Kneaders at a further discounted price with the 'Therapist Box' on Amazon UK or you can buy directly via Kneads Must*

* This can be sorted during your course registration process
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The Kneader Massage Tool

Your Questions Answered

Therapists are always keen to know more about the Course, so here are some of your most frequently asked questions

  • Why do I need to be a qualified Massage Therapist?

    This course is designed to deliver a professional-level chair massage routine. It references details of muscle groups and uses massage terms that are usually familiar only to those who have received professional massage and its A&P training.

  • Why do I need two Kneaders and where do I get them?

    The Kneader is ergonmically designed to fit into the user's palm and become part of their hand. Most established massage moves require the symmetry of using two hands to manipulate an area. The same applies to Kneader Chair Massage! That said, many moves in this routine can be done using one or two Kneaders, either alternately or at the same time, for a deeper, all-over effect. The difference lies in the Kneader's versatility. You can achieve the same effect for any move using several different holds, which we show you, so that you can achieve the best massage both for you and your clients.

    The Kneaders are not included in the course price. You can buy them from us directly, during your course registration process or, if you have an Amazon account, you can buy them via our Amazon.co.uk shop.

  • Will I be able to offer chair massage after taking this course?

    This course will teach you all the Kneader moves, as well as the structure of the full body routine so that you'll be able to offer chair massage using the Kneaders with confidence. It's a great, user-friendly routine that can be broken down into smaller segments to ensure clients get the massage they want. The fact that you can use all the Kneader moves in your other routines to help with deep and/or repetitve moves (as many therapists already do) makes this course even better value for money.

    As a qualified massage therapist, you may, depending on the regulations of the area/country you practice in, need to add this routine and your use of the Kneader massage tool (in this chair routine or as a supplemental tool in your other routines) to your insurance cover as part of your massage practice. Make sure you stay abreast of your professional obligations and contact your insurer to discuss.

  • How do I get the CDP points?

    This is a CPD-approved short course registered with the massage association, Thinktree, which means the course’s learning content has been vetted for quality and professionalism. If you practice in a country or area that recognises continued education points, you can acquire CPD-points either by self-declaration or going through a massage association/governing body. Usually, massage therapy insurers and associations will require a certificate or diploma as proof that you've completed the course.

    If you want a completion certificate (and not everyone does!), you'll need to be assessed, which we’ll do online. You will need to demonstrate that you can perform the Kneader Chair Massage moves and routine, which you can do by filming yourself doing the course moves. Don't worry, it doesn't have to be super fancy, but you'll need either a smartphone or video camera for this (or you can do it in real-time over Zoom or WhatsApp). You can do your assessment(s) in smaller segments as you work through course or in a one-off practical assessment of the full routine at the end of the course. Once again, you choose what works best for you.

  • What support do you offer?

    Lots! We'll be with you all the way by email, our WhatsApp Group or on our course Facebook group where there will be Q&As, videos and information sharing from myself, students and course alumni.

    Even when you've completed the course and are out giving the world great Kneader Chair Massage, you will continue to have full access to our WhatsApp and Facebook groups so that you can progress and share your Kneader knowledge.

  • How long do I get to complete the course?

    You'll have access to the online course material for six months, because you can't rush proper learning! Some therapists may wish to complete the course faster than that and can request an assessment at any time during this period. It's whatever works for you in your own time and at your own pace.

  • I've never studied online before - is it hard?

    Not at all! If you use services like Facebook, then you can follow the course, no problem. You'll need to create a log-in, giving your name, email and a password. You'll need these details to log-in each time you want to access the course material. Once in, you'll see an interface that's easy to use, plus there's even a lesson on how to use the course! However, if you still have issues, you can contact us and we'll be there to help you along.

  • I don't like buying online - can I pay you direct?

    We have an easy-to-use and secure payment system for accepting credit cards. If this is not for you, for whatever reason, contact Una at una@kneadsmust.com and we can arrange a bank transfer option.

  • When will the price go up?

    We will keep the cost down at £49.99 for as long as possible. The course has been valued at £250, but times are still tough after so many lockdowns. We're offering it at such a large discount to encourage our fellow professionals to continue to learn new massage skills and grow their businesses.

    Kneader Chair Massage is an award-winning massage routine and we want to get it out out there with as many therapists as we can. We hope you'll do this course and come to share our vision.

Introducing your Instructor

Founder, Kneads Must Ltd

Una Tucker

Una Tucker is a qualified and registered massage therapist who couldn’t find any suitable massage tools for her clients to use in-between treatments, so she designed her own! Kneads Must has been selling Kneaders to both home massage enthusiasts and massage professionals since 2011. She also runs the Kneader Chair Massage that provides onsite massage to companies and events. Demand for the award-winning routine continues to grow so she has designed the new Online Kneader Chair Massage Course. She's excited that massage professionals can learn this easy and effective routine in their own space and time, so that the joys of Kneader Chair Massage can be enjoyed far and wide!

Why Kneader Chair Massage?

The Kneader Chair Massage course will not only give you a strong foundation in using the Kneader tool, it includes an award-winning full body massage chair routine that your clients will love and so will you!

Kneads Must wants to make massage easy for everyone, and that definitely includes busy massage therapists!  We’re putting our internationally accredited and insurable Kneader Massage Chair Course online to help you

  • carry out massage moves with a tool to help reduce hand or wrist strain when doing deep or repetitive moves in all your routines
  • learn a new and exciting chair massage routine
  • increase your earning potential and client base
  • earn 15 CPD points

all in the comfort of your own space and in your own time!

You can also use your Kneaders in all your other routines, where you want to help your hands during deep or repetitive moves.  Kneads Must has always been about making massage easy, so you will have access to the online the course material for six months to let all those great Kneader moves really sink in!  

You will also become a lifelong member of our closed course FB group. In our learning community, there will be weekly Facebook Q&As, where you can ask me any questions in real time, and share days, where we can share any videos/demos of moves you want discussed.  We’ll be here for you, by email on social media, because we want you to really get to know and love this routine as much as we do.

I'm a practising therapist, so I know how costly it can be. This course is set out to be great value for a great product. 

If you're interested and want to see a bit more, put your name down for a preview taster, and we'll be happy to wing it to you. 

Happy massaging!

Why I designed the Kneader and how this course came about

When I designed the Kneader massage tool, I wanted to make a body massage tool that could do all the main massage moves easily and effectively for my massage clients to use at home, in-between their professional treatments. When I started trialling the tool with fellow massage therapists, I realised that Kneader was a great tool for professional therapists too.

Therapist injury is a big issue in our industry. The Kneader can help save therapists' thumbs, fingers or wrists by taking the strain out of deep or reptitive moves.

Therapists of all massage disciplines have been using the Kneader as a supplemental tool in their treatments for years. In 2015, I decided to design a chair routine that was done entirely with two Kneaders, because they work so well over clothes and I LOVE chair massage. That's when Kneader Chair Massage was born! I've been doing mobile corporate and events massage successfully since then, and the business and its clientele keeps growing.

In 2017, I took the Kneader Chair Massage routine to the World Massage Championships in Copenhagen and won a silver medal in the chair category. In 2019, Kneader Chair Massage won a bronze in the UK National Championships in London. The Kneader massage tool has also won industry design awards, so we're definitely doing something right!

That’s why I’ve created this Kneader Chair Massage online course - it's too good a routine to not share with other massage therapists. This professional massage course is only open to qualified Level 3 and above massage therapists. It's currently accredited with Thinktree and the FHT and insurable with international insurers like Holistic Insurance, Towergate and Balens. You'll get those all-important CPD points AND an exciting and exclusive way of doing chair massage. Once you learn to use the Kneader in the chair routine, you'll find ways of using it in all your massage work.

The Kneader Chair Massage training is different from pretty much any other massage course out there.

This online course will provide you with a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that begins with industry guidelines for your massage practice, though the massage routine itself, followed by some ideas on how the Kneader and its chair routine can further your business' earning potential.                  

The Kneader Chair Massage training is created with busy massage therapists like you in mind. 

This is an online course that you can do in your own home and to suit your busy schedule, saving you a lot of time and money in travel costs. You can go through the whole thing in one go, or you can pick and choose modules as and when you need them, so that you become confident in using the Kneader on your terms. You will get access to the entire online content for six months, so that you can continue refreshing your knowledge until you make the Kneader Chair routine your own. You will also have unlimited access to all the Kneader Chair Massage online groups going forward. Kneads Must values education and wants you to continue to share knowledge and content on this great chair massage routine for as long as you want to! 

Get support from the Kneads Must Community

Although our course Facebook group is a closed group, join our main Kneads Must Facebook page where you can ask questions, share experiences and connect on all things Kneader and wellness.
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