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What is The Kneader Chair massage training all about?

The Kneader Massage Chair Course will not only give you a strong foundation in using the Kneader tool, it includes an award-winning full body massage chair routine that your clients will love and so will you!

Kneads Must wants to make massage easy for everyone, and that definitely includes busy massage therapists!  We’re putting our accredited and insurable Kneader  Massage Chair Course online to help you

  • learn new moves
  • increase your earning potential 
  • gain some more of those all-important CPD points
  • all in the comfort of your own home, in your own time and at your own pace

You can also use your Kneaders in all your other routines, where you want to help your hands during deep or repetitive moves.  Kneads Must has always been about making massage easy, so you will have access to the online the course material for six months to let all those great Kneader moves really sink in!  

You will also become a lifelong member of our closed course FB group. In our learning community, there will be weekly Facebook Q&As, where you can ask me any questions in real time, and share days, where we can share any videos/demos of moves you want discussed.  We’ll be here for you, by email on social media, because we want you to really get to know and love this routine as much as we do.

I'm a practising therapist, so I know how costly it can be. This course is set out to be great value for a great product. 

If you're interested and want to see a bit more, put your name down for a preview taster, and we'll be happy to wing it to you. 

Happy massaging!

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Clear animations show you the hold, the muscles worked and the move. Then you'll see exactly how I massage with the tool, with tips for variation.

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Why did I design the Kneader and why create a course about it?

When I designed the Kneader massage tool, I wanted to make a body massage tool that could do all the main massage moves easily and effectively for my massage clients to use at home, in-between their professional treatments. When I started trialling the tool with fellow massage therapists, I realised that Kneader was a great tool for professional therapists too.

Therapist injury is a big issue in our industry. The Kneader can help save therapists' thumbs, fingers or wrists by taking the strain out of deep or reptitive moves.

Therapists of all massage disciplines have been using the Kneader as a supplemental tool in their treatments for years. In 2015, I decided to design a chair routine that was done entirely with two Kneaders, because they work so well over clothes and I LOVE chair massage. That's when Kneader Massage was born! I've been doing mobile corporate and events massage successfully since then, and the business and its clientele keeps growing.

In 2017, I took the Kneader chair massage routine to the World Massage Championships in Copenhagen and won a silver medal in the chair category. In 2019, Kneader chair massage won a bronze in the UK National Championships in London. The Kneader massage tool has also won industry design awards, so we're definitely doing something right!

That’s why I’ve created this Kneader Chair massage online course - it's too good a routine to keep to not share with other massage therapists. This professional massage course is only open to qualified Level 3 and above massage therapsists. It's currently accredited with Thinktree and the FHT and insurable with Holistic Insurance, so you'll get those all important CPD points AND an exciting and exclusive way of doing chair massage. Once you learn to use the Kneader in the chair routine, you'll find ways of using it in all your massage work.

The Kneader Chair massage training is different from pretty much any other massage course out there.

This online course will provide you with a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that begins with industry guidelines for your massage practice, though the massage routine itself, followed by some ideas on how the Kneader and its chair routine can further your business' earning potential.                  

The Kneader chair massage training is created with busy massage therapists like you in mind. 

This is an online course that you can do in your own home and to suit your busy schedule, saving you a lot of time and money in travel costs. You can go through the whole thing in one go, or you can pick and choose modules as and when you need them, so that you become confident in using the Kneader on your terms. You will get access to the entire online content for six months, so that you can continue refreshing your knowledge until you make the Kneader chair routine your own. You will also have unlimited access to all the Kneader chair massage online groups going forward. Kneads Must values education and wants you to continue to share knowledge and content on this great chair massage routine for as long as you want to! 

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